Monday, August 17, 2009


In June we took a trip to California for B's birthday. I didn't take a single picture (I didn't even get a picture of the birthday boy). I finally got my hands on these pictures, even though it's a little late I had to post them.
She's such a bully- I think Haden is scared for his life. Pai had so much fun at the water park with cousins.

Conner rode a bull. I wasn't there to experience it. But I had to post this picute because I am so proud of him.

I love this picture of Elle- she looks like such a cowgirl.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Latest Attachment

The first present Paisley was ever given is this teddy bear from her Auntie Blair. It was so pretty and soft I was afraid to let her play with it. Recently she got her hands on it and she won't let it go. This morning I tired to give her some milk and she didn't have enough hands to hold both teddy bears and her sippy cup so she opted not to take the milk.