Monday, January 21, 2008

Because you asked

Here's my 4 month (18 weeks) update:

I still fit into my skinniest jeans!

I eat all the time or I am hungry all the time.

I still have a hard time believing that I am pregnant.

I am ready for my emotions to be back to normal. I say things that I never would have said before and I am A LOT more dramatic then I used to be.

I am not ready for maternity clothes- but I am ready for a new wardrobe (thanks Emily).

I am already tired of the comments that I get at work. My favorite so far "you're looking motherly today." Seriously??

Time is flying by I cannot believe I will have a baby in 5 months.

I will find out for sure that I am having a girl in 2 days!

I am new at this next time I promise to take pictures against a lighter background. I realize these are a little hard to see- but then again maybe that's by design.

I know it's only a matter of time until my pants won't button and my back aches.

I count down the days until I get to hold my little baby in my arms and pray that I can be the kind of mother that I have always dreamed about.


Drew and Tarah said...

Ok agreed- the black on black sucks but I am so glad you put it anyway! You are going to be such a great mom! I can hardly wait to find out if you are right about it being a girl. You know I have been calling it "him" for weeks. :)

Theurer Family said...

You look great! I don't remember ever looking that great when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I can't wait for you to find out the sex. You know I will be calling you for the news just as soon as possible without it being to obnoxious. :)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute. I can not believe how little you look at 4 months. Thanks for the pictures, I have been wondering if you look pregnant yet. Call me when you know the sex. We are so excited to hear if it is a niece or nephew.

mandy* said...

You look great! And congratulations on still fitting into your skinny jeans. Don't worry, there are tricks to wearing them even after they don't button. I can't wait to find out about whether your little pea will be Cohen's girlfriend or buddy.

Brandis said...

sorry to break it to you but your emotions will never be back to normal so you might as well get used to the new normal. :) You look fabulous and I can't believe you're 18 weeks already! Time flies when it's somebody else's pregnancy. :)

Stephanie said...

I love the tiny baby bump. Don't you kind of think it is fun? I am so excited to find out that you are having a little girl...Lucy and Sofie are starting to feel really out-numbered. You will be a wonderful mom!