Monday, February 18, 2008

Since when is President's Day not a holiday?

I am at work today. Can you tell I am bitter? I guess President's day stopped being a holiday when I stopped going to school. Yet another reason to become a teacher! For those of you that do have the day off and are out having a good time. Have a little extra fun for me since I am stuck at my desk for the next 6.5 hours.


Drew and Tarah said...

Sad! I'm sorry! Drew is a little bitter about it too! :)

Theurer Family said...

Not to worry. Nate is at work as well. I didn't even realize it was a holiday until someone else reminded me. I'm sorry you had to work. :(

mandy* said...

Mark had to work today, too! In fact, he is still there. It's 9:00pm!!!