Friday, May 22, 2009

Tricky Girl

When Paisley goes to bed, she gets her teddy and pacifier. When she gets up, she has to leave them in her crib. Well... when I let her out of my sight for a second- I know just where to find her. She goes straight for her crib and grabs her teddy and pacifier.
Once she sees me she knows that stuff is going straight back in the crib. But, it doesn't stop her - she makes a run for it every chance she can.

I have so much fun with her.


Amber Marie said...

Mean mom!! ;)

I'm kidding, we have the same rule. She is such a cutie. I hope we can make it to Arizona soon so I can squish that little thing!

Drew and Tarah said...

I love that! Maddux does the same thing! Blankie and Pacie stay in the crib, but if I'm blow drying my hair, he'll disappear for a second and come back with both! They are sneaky kids, huh!?!? I love P!

Brandis said...

What a smart girl! :) It's amazing how early they learn to do sneaky little things like that.

theniufamily said...

Wow she is so big! I love that rule. Way to go! It's better to teach them now than later.

Whitney said...

You're smart! I never banned Katelyn from having her binky during the day, and now we'll never get rid of that thing.

Jennie McBride said...


Check out Mitch Jones on the Dodgers. He is mormon and a friend of a friend. He plays outfield. Let me know how he does this year.