Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Fish?

This picture does not do her legs justice. They are still as chunky as ever!
P took swim lessons with her friends Maddux and Scarlett. As you can see it was very hard work!
A lot of singing songs, splashing in the water, and not doing what the instructor was telling us to do. It was fun to get outside and spend some time with friends.


Amber Marie said...

Very cute. I love both your swimsuits. Looks like she likes the water :)

theniufamily said...

So fun! Hopefully I will be doing that with you girls sometime! I love your red swimsuit to!

heather said...

Hey I just wanted to say thank you again for letting us stay at your house. It was so nice to see both of you. Also thank you for letting me intrude on your time with B, I really do appreciate all you did for us.