Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Paisley and Daddy looking at the fireworks.
Paisley loves Paca. (Thanks grandma for the light up pacifier.)
I loved dressing up Paisley for the 4th. Too bad she moves around so much I couldn't get a good picture. Last year Paisley was too young we didn't want to take her out- this was her first time seeing fireworks. She had mixed feelings, at first she couldn't take her eyes off them, then she was scared, then she could care less.


Stephanie said...

Paisley looks adorable like always. I love her hair bows. J miss you girls. Want to do lunch this week?

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute pictures. I love the one of her and TJ watching the fireworks.

theniufamily said...

How cute! I love the light up pacifier. Looks like fun!