Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Shower Bruch

Thanks to Lisa, Lindsey and my Mother-in-Law for throwing this delicious baby shower. It was perfect. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. Thanks for all the presents too.
I love my friends!
Thanks girls for the diaper bag. I love it and can't wait to put it to use!


Anonymous said...

Oh - I wish I could have been there. I LOVE the diaper bag. I am also very glad that you finally look really pregnant.

mandy* said...

Score on the great diaper bag!!! Beth has it in blue - she loves it!

aubry startin said...

That was sooo fun. I loved seeing you and cant wait for your little Paisley to arrive

Megan said...

i am sad that i missed out! looks fun. i am glad you liked your bag - it's so cute! can't wait for paisley pie to come!

Juice said...

So, I was going to write and harass you for not inviting me -like I told you to - but then you wrote about your nana and I couldn't do it.

I'm still mad, I just can't harass you about it! :)

Glad you got some goodies, though.