Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop

Emily took on the project of converting some of our old family slides into digital pictures. It was so fun to see all these pictures of my parents younger than me. I guess they are lucky in that respect they will stay forever young. I loved this picture of my dad when I saw it I turned to TJ and said "my dad was cool". So here's to you dad - the coolest dad around.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad. It is kind of weird to remember them so young. I love this picture too.

Brandis said...

That is a cool picture!

Stephanie said...

Definitely the coolest dad! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

This is really Aunt Gail.

Lauren My Love, this is your dad on a real motor cycle. He was quite a mini-bike rider when we were younger. Our Dad and my Mom would take us to visit friends in Victorville and he would bring the mini-bike that he made. Aunt Nancy was too little to join us (9 years younger than me) she stayed in the house while your Dad (my big brother by 4 years)would take me on the back of the mini-bike and ride around the cactus for hours. We would come back to the house and swim to get rid of the dust before going home. Then we would lay on our backs in the back of a panneled truck (a staionwagon with now side windows) and watch the stars out the back window. No seat belts back then.
I spent all of yesterday, his birthday, thinking about what a great brother he was. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
I love you, AG xoxo