Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tommy J.

We hope you know how much you mean to us. Thanks for being a great father and husband. You are our whole world. We love you and hope you have a very happy birthday. Your 28th year is going to be the best yet!
Love, L & P

Since you always seem to comment on how I don't write much when I post here's a list of things we love about you:
-That you work hard, get up go to work every day and school at night.
-That you take excellent care of the yard and always make sure it looks nice.
-Paisley loves that you will take her to the park and show her the ducks in the lake.
-That you change poopy diapers.
-That you are very involved in our lives.
-That you take care of Paisley on Saturday mornings when I go on my long runs.
-That I never worry about Paisley when you are watching her.
...The list goes on and on but Paisley needs to eat and we need to get out the door.


Drew and Tarah said...

Happy Birthday TJ!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday TJ. Your gift is on its way.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday TJ!