Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here's my proof- I actually ran!

Blair at the finish line

I loaded up on food because I knew a lot of people were waiting- I wanted to share.

It's embarrassing seeing yourself eat. I also have a new found love for orange slices.

My cheerleaders. Tarah, thanks for staying and jumping in and running with me after you already wore yourself out.

TJ's parents- always so supportive!

It's OVER!!!

They kept me going!

Thanks to Lisa who took all the pictures and managed to not be in a single picture herself.


Drew and Tarah said...

I love the pics! I'm going to have to steal one since I have NO pictures of my own. You look great (like I said you do NOT look like you just ran 26 miles!)

Brandis said...

I have to agree with Tarah. You look good in your after-marathon pictures, as opposed to Tarah & I who looked like (and felt like) a couple of drowned rats. :) Love the pictures! :)

mandy* said...

Whoa L! That is seriously impressive!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I am so happy Blair was there at the end - what a fun surprise.

Amber Marie said...

Congrads!! That is so impressive. What a cool thing to accomplish and a great way to kick off the year. Very sweet of your sister to surprise you!

Jennie McBride said...

Laur... great job! That is an amazing accomplishment!
What did you do to celebrate???

And I totally agree the pictures are so fun and YOU LOOK GREAT. You so don't look like you just finished a marathon!

Love ya!


Sod Fam said...

Great pictures! You do look fabulous! Way to accomplish your goal!