Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm not Mary Poppins

This past week I have had a good time getting to know my niece and nephews better. It was an adventure going from 1 baby to 5 children. Here's a look at my typical day, after Brennan repeatedly told me he did not want Cap'n Crunch for breakfast I turned around and found this:
While I took this picture he was asking for milk.
I gave him milk and a much smaller bowl of cereal then I turned around again and found this:
My question is, why do mothers of 2 year old children even bother cleaning?

Haden has such personality. After he got out of the bath he was running around the house singing this:

How can you not fall in love with these boys?


Juice said...

So, I see he likes Madagascar! That is awesome and sooooo my daily life...

Isn't it fun?!

Drew and Tarah said...

hahah! That is SO cute! You are superwoman...seriously! I'm impressed and you are a great sister for doing that!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh, you ran a marathon!!! Congratulations what a great accomplishment. It's also amazing that you watched that many kids. You just superwoman.

Anonymous said...

Oh - Haden is too cute. I am glad you survived. You are going to be great when you have more kids some day.

theniufamily said...

Oh my gosh you are amazing. Those kids are so cute though. I loved the video. And your marathon picts are great! I have been thinking that I'm not gonna do mine but those pictures are making me reconsider! You inspire me!