Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Momma's Helper

Remember my comment about the laundry? Without fail this is what happens every time I start a load of laundry. Clothes (dirty or clean) could probably keep P busy for hours. Please excuse her hair- this is what she looks like first thing in the morning- now you know why it drives me crazy when she pulls out her hair ties.
I have a problem: we live in Arizona, it's HOT and sweet Paisley isn't a fan of the swimming pool. She does ok for about 10 minutes then all she wants to do is climb out. When we take a trip to the pool it's more me chasing her around then anything else. So I came up with plan B: slip n slide. This way we can get out of the house (even if it is the backyard) and still manage to stay a little cool. Anytime you're up for slip n slide (actually if you want to play in the water and roam around the back yard) come on over.


Drew and Tarah said...

maddux loves P's slip and slide too! great way for them to play and us to get a tan :)