Friday, July 17, 2009

Such a Love

I have such a hard time getting a decent picture of my girl these days. As always we are having so much fun together.
She is going through a stage where she LOVES her mom and of course I love that (as for TJ, not so much).
She is my little helper. She loves to help with the cleaning and the laundry, which means it takes me twice as long because as soon as I fold something she picks it up and throws it on the floor.
My new best friend is my round brush, when I am feeling up for the challenge I sit Paisley in her bumbo and blow dry and round bush her hair. I just can't resist I love it when she has a cute little bob which of course only lasts for 2 seconds before she pulls her clip out of her hair and her hair is in her face again.


Brandis said...

AAHHHH, when did she become a toddler?!? I can't get over that picture of her walking while holding the mop! It's so cute when they get to the age of wanting to help, even if their help is counterproductive. :)

Anonymous said...

My kids still love to help with laundry (well not Abby or Michael). But they can actually help. I love her hair, she is just as cute as ever.

Blair Ford said...

She is growing up too fast. I love that you roundbruch her hair. So cute.

Stephanie said...

oh, how I love her! Can you teach me how to round brush my girls hair all pretty like that?