Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Events

It's been a big weekend for the Ford Family and I am so sorry we missed all of it. Congratulations to Ali and Justin. After being in labor for 36 hours, Ali had an emergency c-section and delivered this cute little baby boy. Aedan Souza was born yesterday afternoon. Congratulations Al - we can't wait to meet him.
Isn't he so cute?

On Saturday, Noelle, John, Abby, Michael, Jenna, and Emma were all sealed as a family in the Sacramento temple. Contrats Philpott family. We are sorry we missed your special day- but hope that we can make it up when it's Isiah's turn.

Sometimes it's really hard living so far away from everyone and this weekend was one of those times. You were in my thoughts. Love you.


mandy* said...

Whoa...Ali was in labor for 36 hours??? That is CRAZY!!

Anonymous said...

We missed you too - it was a busy weekend.