Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love having a photographer in the family. We spent the weekend with TJ's family and Lisa took these pictures of Paisley. They capture this stage in her life perfectly. She is so much fun. She's a happy smiley girl with crazy hair. I always try to put it up and find new ways to do it but it doesn't matter because it gets messed up practically right after I do it. She has the army crawl perfected. I am starting to wonder if this is just going to be how she gets around until she starts walking. She doesn't like to be held any more. She's always on the go. Her smile and cute sounds melt my heart- I love spending every second of the day with her.


Stephanie said...

What a big girl! She is such a pretty little girl and I love her hair. These pictures are great.

theniufamily said...

She is growing so fast. She is gonna be so different next time I see her:-(